Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Answer...

Does this make me look fat....Hell yes, it makes me look fat!

I already know the answer to that question and it's not the clothes that are making me look fat- it's the fat making me look fat. When I look back at pictures of my former self, I can’t help but to think what happened? How did I let it get this bad? Why did I let this problem get so out of control? We all remember being skinny, but I certainly don't remember just when I started to get fat. Maybe I've blocked it all out. Maybe I decided a long time ago that I was going to forgot. Or just maybe it was around the time that Popeye’s 2 piece spicy with red beans and rice and a biscuit with honey started tasting so good, or when I discovered that pizza and hot wings with ranch tasted so good together. Let's not forget about queso, chips, and margaritas. Those were very happy hours! I know when I started getting fat, it was when I fell in love with food.